Why Solar Symphony?


Highest Quality Products and Installation

We Start with the Highest Quality Equipment

Tier 1 Manufacturers

There are literally hundreds of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the solar industry.  Solar Symphony uses exclusively tier 1 manufacturers. Tier 1 manufacturers are the top 2% of solar manufacturers. They are typically large companies, with market capitalization in the billions. They set aside funds to cover warranty claims and have the financial resources to stand behind their warranties. They invest heavily in R&D, advanced robotic processes, and are often vertically integrated.  All of this is important because solar electric systems typically have 25 year warranties and are expected to last for 35 to 40 years.

Solar panel model and piggy bank close up
Energy Harvest Maximization

More Dollars in Your Pocket

Solar electric systems are by nature DC power systems.  This means that uneven shading or other irregularities can cause a decrease in power output.  To maximize the energy harvested from the sun, Solar Symphony uses micro-inverters on most residential projects.  When needs of the project dictate a traditional string inverter we only use inverters with multiple MPPT (maximum power point tracker) inputs to maximize energy harvest.  Although these technologies add to project costs, they improve the projects’ overall financials with significant increases in production.

Expert Installation

NABCEP – The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is the most respected, well-established, and widely recognized certification organization for North American solar professionals in the field of renewable energy.  Solar Symphony has multiple installation supervisors who are NABCEP certified and others who are in the process of obtaining their certifications.  Please take a moment to browse through the “Featured Installation” section of our website where you’ll be able to see the quality of our work first hand. The quality that you can’t see on the surface is demonstrated by the electricity production or the energy harvest data on our systems and the fact that we’ve never had a roof leak.

Solar panel installation crew on roof of house

Raving Fan Customer Service

Customized Systems

Get what you Need Not what they are Selling

Every customer is different, and every customer’s site, roof or building is different. At Solar Symphony, we start by listening carefully to the customer’s unique needs and concerns. Then we perform a thorough site survey. We use the latest software and tools to measure shading, solar irradiance and azimuths, and we analyze the building’s electrical systems and structural elements. This critical initial site survey is performed by a master solar installer, not by a salesman, using such titles as “solar consultant” or “solar expert.”

Then, we feed all critical data into our design process to produce a unique and truly customized solar design.

Quick turn-around

Contract Signing to Grid Interconnection

Solar Symphony retains complete control over each project, from cradle to grave. We do not sublet design or installation, so we never lose control over the schedule. This allows us one of the quickest cycle times in the industry.  We are so confident of our ability to perform, we write our aggressive project schedules into our contracts.  If we fail to meet the schedule, we’ll pay your utility bill for the month we’re late


Yours and Ours

We start by designing safer systems. 

As stated, solar electric systems are high-voltage DC power systems, and DC power is dangerous! Most of our residential systems use microinverter technology to convert DC power into AC power on the backside of the solar panel, at the same voltage as the rest of the electricity in your house. This makes the installation much safer for you and for our installers. These inverters also carry the industry’s longest warranty


Low Cost

Process and Controls

We get asked a frequently, “how do you deliver a high quality product, with great service, at a low price?” Sounds like marketing hype, we know.  But there’s plenty of science and hard work behind it. The founders of Solar Symphony spent many years in the high speed, high stakes world of large commercial construction project management and learning and perfecting some of the most sophisticated cost and quality control systems and methodologies that industry has to offer. They have applied these same tools and techniques, i.e. Lean Six Sigma, to create a lean and hyper-efficient solar company, offering best in class value to customers

Man working at solar power station with digital tablet - Renewable energry with wind turbines and solar panels

Compelling Value

When a very high quality product is combined with excellent customer service at a very competitive price, the result is compelling value. To some of our competitors value is a word that is used as an apology for high prices. At Solar Symphony, value is defined by our customers, and it means the rare combination of high quality and great performance at an amazing price.

We’re so sure that our residential grid-tied solar power systems provide the best quality at the best price, we’ll beat any competitor’s advertised system price when compared apples to apples. Bring us any competitor’s quote and we’ll meet or beat the price while offering a superior product and installation

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