Our Warranty


The Best and Most Reliable Warranty in the Business

Solar Symphony is part of a contracting family that has been serving California home owners since 1978. With forty years of contracting experience we’ve identified the highest quality solar equipment, and brought together an elite team of solar installers. This allows us build to the highest quality solar systems in California, so we can provide one the longest and most reliable warranties in solar.

20 year “Bumper to Bumper” Warranty

  • Solar Symphony is so confident in our installation process we warrant that all contact points of the solar system on your roof will be completely leak free for a period of 20 years!
  • Solar Symphony provides a 20 year workmanship warranty on every solar system with microinverters. This includes any necessary service calls to replace faulty equipment.

25 year Power Production Guarantee

Solar Symphony guarantees the solar system will produce a specified amount of electricity each year for 25 years. If the solar system fails to meet the guarantee we will either: pay for the missed production or increase system size.

5 Reasons Why Solar Symphony’s Warranty is the Best

  1. Intent. It is our intent to stand behind the systems we design and build. If we did something wrong we want to make it right. If you don’t think a company’s intent with respect to their warranty is important. Take a look at some of warranties offered across the solar industry, especially by the largest solar companies. Read the fine print, does it appear that it is the intent of those companies is to stand behind their warranty?
  2. Staying Power. What gives a company staying power? Doesn’t it come down to the business’ core, to its business model? Solar Symphony delivers compelling value. We provide the highest quality solar energy systems, delivered with exceptional customer service at reasonable prices. Ask yourself, is that a business strategy that will survive, maybe even flourish? Real value and customer service is popular in boom times or recession.
  3. Employee Ownership. Our company will soon be employee owned, and years from now our employee owners will honor their warranty commitments. They’ll also ensure the business stays competitive and healthy.
  4. Financial Health. We are fiscally conservative. We don’t have any debt, and refuse to use leverage to accelerate our growth. Our growth comes organically from the successful execution of our strategy.
  5. Reserves. Since it is our intent to honor our warranty commitments, we set aside 1% of our total revenues in an interest bearing, long term account to cover warranty claims. This will allow us to complete replace one solar system in a hundred.