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Graham, T., 7.80 KW Solar System, Mission Viejo,CA

graham editado
Graham T.

Our experience with Solar Symphony was excellent. From our initial meeting through the installation process and on through our Permission To Operate, they were available to answer questions and were very communicative. They set our expectations high, and then exceeded them. The process was very smooth and professional. The installation crews were polite, competent and left the job site neat and clean each day. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a quality solar installation.


Melroy,D., 8.32 KW Solar Syste, Menifee,CA

Maloy editado

“Really a great company. They had a very good price and the quality of the workmanship was excellent. I was very happy with the communication from te office. The guys doing the installation were very patient and kept me informed at every step.

I would highly recommend these folks.”

At Solar Symphony, we work really hard to make sure every customer has a great experience going solar. Call today, we’d love to show you what we can do.


Hupp, M., 6.16 kW Solar System, San Diego, CA

Outstanding Service from beginning to installation! The team worked with us every step of the way providing excellent customer service, answering all our questions and keeping us on track. The staff was extremely professional and courteous and I would highly recommend this company to others.

Mills, E., Solar Repair, Fallbrook, CA

These guys are professional, prompt, and I highly recommend them. We tried contacting other solar companies to come & repair our system, but we were a low priority. However, when we contacted Solar Symphony they came out right away & had our system up and running in no time. To add, the installers were friendly and courteous & gave us helpful tips on maintaining the system before they left.

Haight, D., 5.7 kW Solar System, Escondido, CA

I picked these folks over 4 other bids and was very pleased with the whole process. They finished my installation in less than 2 months and the guys that installed everything were great, working in the hottest part of September 2014.

I have been making my own electricity since 10/3/2014 and saving money.

The app to follow how much the system is producing is fun to look at and its great to see in realtime.

The roof warranty is fantastic and I was very pleased during these past rains to see that my roof was indeed water tight.

Kudos to Solar Symphony

Dempsey, C., 3.0 kW Solar System, San Diego, CA

Solar Symphony is a stand up company. I often worry if a company is going to do a poor job, rip me off, or never answer my emails or phone calls. This is not the case with Solar Symphony. They answered every email from the very beginning in a timely manner, which means same day or the next day nothing longer than that. They explained to me the financing portion, the process, and installation. If I had a question, they have the answer. The customer service is the best I have experienced. And you will find that out right away.

I am confident in their abilities and unlike the big solar businesses that have their sneaky way of over charging you and providing shotty workmanship, Solar Symphony is a highly reputable company.

My solar system works right, the bill is what I agreed it to be, I get the solar tax incentive, and I am a happy customer.

Folks, these guys are good and these are the good guys.

I stand by them 100%.

And yes, I am a skeptical person so I felt relieved knowing these guys were going to take care of me.Keep up the good work, Solar Symphony!

Metten, M., 10.8 kW Solar System, Escondido, CA

These guys rocked it out. From the very beginning they had their act together, helped me figure out exactly what I needed and why, handle virtually all the paperwork necessary, communicated all along the way, worked hard and got the job done in the most professional manor. I don’t think I’ve worked with a more professional group of people on a house project in my life.

I’ll just say that after years of using Yelp and never writing a review for anything, these guys brought me out of the shadows.

If you plan on doing anything in the world of solar, to me there is no other choice.

Mac Dougall, R., 5.5 kW Solar System, San Diego, CA

Outstanding work and value. I did 3 APPLES-to-APPLES comparisons for my home installation. Solar Symphony beat the competition by 25%. Their installation and set up services are FIRST RATE. The predicted systems performance was REAL. My electric bill went from $250 to $25 in the first month. You can PAY MORE with others but you can’t GET MORE…

Gelbart, C., 7.3 kW Solar System, Laguna Niguel, CA

I decided years ago to do solar but it never penciled out and the most I can get on my roof was about half my usage. Technology has advanced and new panels are more efficient and while prices may have not gone done, electric rates have gone up about 50% for me in the past 2 years so if your on the fence, now is the time to do. Payback is about 4-7 years which is pretty good.

So why Solar Symphony? I had about 5 bids and pretty much knew what I wanted in terms of capacity, panel brand (LG) and inverter brand (SMA) and most sent out sales people of questionable knowledge of the systems. Solar Symphony actually was the first that came out that really knew their stuff and it didn’t hurt that their prices for the equipment that I got were also lower.

They did the design and sent it off for city approval which took a few weeks. They then came out to install and that took a few days but another week or so to get city inspection and another few weeks to get power company permission to operate.

Overall the experience was very good and I would recommend Solar Symphony for price, quality of work, knowledge of the product and quality of equipment. I look forward to many years of free electricity.

Ricketts, D., 5.1 kW Solar System, Escondido, CA

I picked Solar Symphony because they were so highly recommended on YELP and I was not disappointed! They did all the work for HOA approval and Summeur stalked the HOA committee regularly to make sure they expedited approval 🙂 16 days after the panels were installed on my roof I flipped the switch and am now on Solar. It was faster and easier than I could have imagined. I sat through 2 hour solar presentations from other companies and appreciated that Rob understood I was an educated consumer and didn’t waste my time trying to convince me to buy something I didn’t need. Their price and quality speak for themselves, they don’t need pushy salesman.