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Solar Panel System Installed Completed and Turned On in Beverly Hills, California

Solar Symphony recently completed another high quality residential solar system at the Holiner residence in Beverly Hills, California. This 15.330 kW solar array with LG 365 Watts solar panels. SCE provided approval to turn on the system or permission to operate on November 7th of this year. That means the system is not only producing lots of power everyday but the Holiner family is getting full retail priced credit for each kilowatt hour they produce! Going solar is about saving the planet but it is also about saving some money. Plus, making your own solar electricity is just plain cool. […]

Edison Loses Another Customer in Beverly Hills, California

Solar Symphony recently completed another solar panel installation at the Holiner residence. This solar system is 15.330 KW with LG 365 Watt Panels. If the solar company you choose sizes your solar system correctly your solar panels will completely eliminate any electricity charges on your electric bill, leaving only $5 – 10 per month in fees. We work very hard to over deliver on our promises. Which is why our customers say we are one the best solar companies in Beverly Hills, CA. Call us and we’ll show you how to eliminate your electric bill. Or tell us about your […]