There are a Lot of Very Exciting Things Happening Right Now in the Residential Solar Space!

Technology improvements and innovations in recent decades have made today’s solar much more powerful and efficient than it was even just five years ago.  We’ve also made great strides in reducing costs, which has made the economics of residential solar power very attractive. In fact the deal is so compelling that some people believe it is a scam. It is not scam (at least not when you’re talking to Solar Symphony) it is simply the magic of technology. If ten years ago someone had described a smartphone to you, you might have been a bit skeptical. Well, how do you like that smartphone now? We think you’re going to like your new solar system just as much. Really, what’s cooler than making your own power?

You can power your life using the sunlight that falls on your home or business each day and you can do it for less than you are currently paying the utility.


Additional Considerations for Residential Customers:

How Many Panels You Need to Your Home or Business?