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Solar is a Rewarding Investment if You Own the Power!

Solar is a Rewarding Investment if You Own the Power!


Solar Symphony solar panels You own your own home, so why do you rent your electricity?

Americans are an independent bunch. Most of us like to drive our own cars rather than carpool or use public transportation. Most Americans would rather live in a single family home than an apartment or condo. In fact we consider home ownership part of the American Dream. A lot of us would rather own our own pool than use a public pool, where there are little kids with bladder control problems. We’re just an independent bunch, we like our space and our stuff and we want to own it — not rent it! So why would you rent your power?

We’ll if you’ve got that independent American streak in your soul, you’re probably still renting power from the power company because no one told you there was another option! You figured the power company had a monopoly; and you could either pay your electric bill or live in the dark.

OK, so time to let you in on a little secret. You see, 30 years of technology advancement has now made it possible to put a high quality, low maintenance power plant on your roof. Don’t worry this isn’t some noisy power plant, that belches dark clouds of coal soot. No, this is a high tech solar photovoltaic power plant, that just sits up there and silently turns sunshine into electricity with no harmful emissions. And you can own one with zero money down financing for much less than what you are currently paying the utility company. Energy independence at last!! – now if that’s not red-blooded American, I don’t know what is?

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