Residential Solar

There are a lot of very exciting things happening right now in the residential solar space!

residential solarTechnology improvements and innovations in recent decades have made today’s solar much more powerful and efficient than it was even just five years ago.  We’ve also made great strides in reducing costs, which has made the economics of residential solar power very attractive. In fact the deal is so compelling that some people believe it is a scam. It is not scam (at least not when you’re talking to Solar Symphony) it is simply the magic of technology. If ten years ago someone had described a smartphone to you, you might have been a bit skeptical. Well, how do you like that smartphone now? We think you’re going to like your new solar system just as much. Really, what’s cooler than making your own power?

You can power your life using the sunlight that falls on your home or business each day and you can do it for less than you are currently paying the utility.

Additional Considerations for Residential Customers:

1. The first thing you need is a space where a solar array can be installed.  This could be on your roof, on a patio cover, a car port or on a metal structure constructed specifically for solar somewhere on your property (ground mounted). Where ever the solar array is located will need to be relatively free of shade for at least 6 hours per day. Shade is of course a killer for solar. Roof mounted arrays are less expensive than an array mounted on the ground. Ground mounted arrays are easier to clean and service. A solar array doesn’t have to be south facing, west or east facing works as well.

solar-panels2.  The second consideration is financing. Whether you buy the system with a bank loan or lease it you’ll need a good credit score – 650 or above. If that isn’t an option you may be able to qualify for HERO or PACE loan, these are location specific, call us for details. If you don’t want to buy or lease the system you can just sign a power purchase agreement (PPA) and just pay for the power it produces at lower rate than what you’re currently paying the utility. There are numerous options.  Call us and we’ll engineer a solution that perfectly matches your unique situation and concerns.

3.  You will also need to be a home owner. Your name should be on the deed. If you rent, pass our name along to your landlord. Your landlord could have solar installed with your encouragement and just bill you for the electricity, hopefully at a lower rate. You’d have to negotiate that with the Landlord.

4.  Will my roof leak? This is major concern for most of our customers. To this we can answer an emphatic NO!  Solar Symphony has never had a roof leak. The products, engineered systems, and methodology that we use to attach the solar system to your roof make the possibility of a roof leak extremely unlikely.  We always have at least two layers of protection (a flashing and a counter flashing). We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure everything is water tight.  In the very unlikely event of a roof leak we have the longest warranty in the business, 20 years.  We will repair the leak, and as long as notice of the leak is provided in a timely manner we will repair or replace other damage caused by the leak.

5.  System Sizing: This is a fun one. We’ve found a lot of our competitors try and differentiate themselves by telling customers they have proprietary software that will right-size your system saving you money. They say things like, “We’re the best value because we won’t sell you a bigger system than you need”. Which typically means they’re selling you a smaller system at a higher cost per panel (cost per Watt). Or they’ll say “we size your solar system to optimize the financial return”. Which is another way of saying we size your system to take care of only tier 3 and 4 electricity (the most expensive). That is great for this year but what happens in 2 or 3 years when the utility gets rid of the tiered rate structure because so many people have gone solar that they’re losing money?

residential solarWe size systems by listening to you, the customer, and asking the right questions. How much power do you use now? What are your plans for the future? Are you going to buy an electric car? Are you going to start working at home soon? Do you have a baby on the way? Is your daughter leaving to go to college soon? We need to get to know you so we can help you make the right decision.

One more thing to think about: We’ve been doing this for a while, and when we talk to customers that we installed a year or two ago our number one complaint is, “I just wish I would have gotten a bigger system”. The other thing we hear is, “I thought solar was going to zero out my bill, but I had to pay a few hundred dollars to the utility at the end of the year”! The reason for that common problem is they used more electricity after they went solar than the year before, sometimes significantly more. Not surprising really, what happens when the cost of anything goes down? You buy or use more of it. If the cost of Hawaiian vacations was magically cut 40%. You’d probably be in Hawaii next week. When our customers go solar they can cut their cost of electricity by 40 – 50% or even more.  So relax, enjoy your life, turn on the air conditioner, buy a spa, use your electronic toys. That’s one of the benefits of going solar – lifestyle. Just make sure you have a big enough system on the roof to power the life you want to have.