Raving Fan Customer Service

Our goal is not just satisfied customers but rather “raving fans”. 90% of our business is built on referrals. Referrals come from fans not from marginally satisfied customers. Here’s a small sampling of things we do to ensure excellent customer service.

Customized Systems: Get what you need not what they are selling.

Every customer is different, and every customer’s site, roof or building is different.  At Solar Symphony, we start by listening carefully to the customer’s unique needs and concerns.  Then we perform a thorough site survey. We use the latest software and tools to measure shading, solar irradiance and azimuths, and we analyze the building’s electrical systems and structural elements.  This critical initial site survey is performed by a master solar installer, not by a salesman, using such titles as “solar consultant” or “solar expert.” 

Then, we feed all critical data into our design process to produce a unique and truly customized solar design.

Quick turn-around: Contract signing to grid interconnection.

Solar Symphony retains complete control over each project, from cradle to grave. We do not sublet design or installation, so we never lose control over the schedule. This allows us one of the quickest cycle times in the industry.  If we fail to meet the schedule, we’ll pay your utility bill for the month we’re late.

Safety: Yours and Ours

We start by designing safer systems.

As stated, solar electric systems are high-voltage DC power systems, and DC power is dangerous! Most of our residential systems use microinverter technology to convert DC power into AC power on the backside of the solar panel, at the same voltage as the rest of the electricity in your house.  This makes the installation much safer for you and for our installers.  These inverters also carry the industry’s longest warranty.