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Client comment:

"These people are fantastic! Highly professional, competent service, with a teamwork approach that works well because they are a smaller up and coming company, that has grown out of a 30 yr. old electrical business. Each phase of the process had someone whose specialty & responsiblilty it was to do their particular part, plus a contact person(s).

Once we gave them the go ahead, they moved quickly, and kept every step moving in coordination. Easy to talk with, good communication with any of the project leads. They DEFINITELY went ABOVE and BEYOND to meet our specific needs.

We went with Symphony, they had: — a 5 star reputation on the various reviews
— somewhat more updated technology in panels, inverter(s), then a more well known big SD company.
— Their overall quote was a good $1,000- 2,000 less (Reduced overhead, only word of mouth advertising)(!)

Now that we’ve gone through a summer of AC use, I can say the system produces at least as well, probably better then projected.
Our bill for AC is already NOTHING, because of the surplus electricity produced in just March- June, covering July & Sept.

My projections est. project will be PAID OFF WITHIN 9- 10 yrs. After that, it’s all free for the FULL 20-25 yr. parts WARRANTIES, from both manufacturers, and Symphony Solar. We’ve had NO problems since install; I could highly recommend this company fully."

Solar System Type


System size:

3.100 kW


Vista, CA

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