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Power Your Life With Sunshine – Stop Burning Stuff!

Power Your Life With Sunshine – Stop Burning Stuff!

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Rooftop array in Valencia, CA completed by Dave A. and his team.

Thousands of years ago our ancestors powered their lives by burning things — wood mostly, but sometimes peat or animal dung. They cooked their food over a fire, they warmed themselves with that same fire. They burned stuff when they needed to make tools and they burned stuff to create light at night.

Today, many thousand years into the future, most humans still power their lives by burning things. Our fires are more sophisticated today. We burn stuff in multi-million dollar power plants or in an internal combustion engine, but most of us still power our lives almost exclusively by burning things! This earth day may we suggest a better way? Power your life with sunshine! STOP BURNING STUFF! That’s so low tech. Cavemen burnt things, modern humans don’t have to.

We are now 15 years into the 21st Century and the technology exists that will allow you to power everything in your life with the power of the sun. Yes this includes your car. Solar photovoltaic technology has been developing for 50 years and today is efficient, reliable and affordable. Solar electric systems today are at “smart phone” stage. The technology works and the price has come way down. So this earth day step into the 21st Century. Start powering your life with sunshine and save some money.  Unlike your power company or the gas pump, the sun never sends you a bill or raises rates.

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