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Lord Residence Solar Installation

Lord Residence Solar Installation

“We got estimates from 6 different companies, 3 were big well known companies, and 3 were smaller, less familiar companies. The larger companies were quoting anywhere from 10 to 20 percent higher prices for the same system. We chose Solar Symphony from the smaller companies for a number of reasons:

1) They put a lot of detail into their quote, including the type of roof mount and racking.
2) They had good reviews on yelp.
3) They seemed very knowledgeable and responsive.
4) They were local.

Ultimately, we decided to go for a slightly bigger system than they originally quoted, and we went for a SolarEdge inverter rather than the Sunny Boy, but we stuck with the panels they suggested. They system is working great for us, generating more power than we expected, which is great as we’ve been using our air conditioner a lot this summer.

The entire process went very smoothly, they submitted plans to the city and to our HOA, handled most of the communication with the HOA, and got everything approved quickly. They were able to start work within a week of getting the approvals. The installation took two days, and looks great. They were able to run the conduit so that it is not visible from the street, and they painted it to match the house. Overall I would highly recommend.”

Lord, D., 3.6 kW Solar System, Escondido, CA.Testimonial