Low Cost – Compelling Value

Process and Controls
We get asked frequently, “How do you deliver a high quality product, with great service, at a low price?”  Sounds like marketing hype, we know.  But there’s plenty of science and hard work behind it. The founders of Solar Symphony spent many years in the high speed, high stakes world of large commercial construction project management, learning and perfecting some of the most sophisticated cost and quality control systems and methodologies that industry has to offer. They have applied these same tools and techniques, i.e. Lean Six Sigma, to create a lean and hyper-efficient solar company, offering best in class value to customers.

Compelling Value
When a very high quality product is combined with excellent customer service at a very competitive price, the result is compelling value.  To some of our competitors value is a word that is used as an apology for high prices.  At Solar Symphony, value is defined by our customers, and it means the rare combination of high quality and great performance at an amazing price.

We’re so sure that our residential grid-tied solar power systems provide the best quality at the best price, we’ll beat any competitor’s advertised system price when compared apples to apples.  Bring us any competitor’s quote and we’ll meet or beat the price while offering a superior product and installation.