Highest Quality Products

We Start with the Highest Quality Equipment – Tier 1 Manufacturers

There are literally hundreds of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the solar industry.  Solar Symphony uses exclusively tier 1 manufacturers. Tier 1 manufacturers are the top 2% of solar manufacturers. They are typically large companies, with market capitalization in the billions. They set aside funds to cover warranty claims and have the financial resources to stand behind their warranties. They invest heavily in R&D, advanced robotic processes, and are often vertically integrated.  All of this is important because solar electric systems typically have 25 year warranties and are expected to last for 35 to 40 years.

Energy Harvest Maximization: More dollars in your pocket

Solar electric systems are by nature DC power systems.  This means that uneven shading or other irregularities can cause a decrease in power output.  To maximize the energy harvested from the sun, Solar Symphony uses micro-inverters on most residential projects.  When needs of the project dictate a traditional string inverter we only use inverters with multiple MPPT (maximum power point tracker) inputs to maximize energy harvest.  Although these technologies add to project costs, they improve the projects’ overall financials with significant increases in production.