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NABCEP – The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is the most respected, well-established, and widely recognized certification organization for North American solar professionals in the field of renewable energy.  Solar Symphony has multiple installation supervisors who are NABCEP certified and others who are in the process of obtaining their certifications.  Please take a moment to browse through the “Featured Installation” section of our website where you’ll be able to see the quality of our work first hand. The quality that you can’t see on the surface is demonstrated by the electricity production or the energy harvest data on our systems and the fact that we’ve never had a roof leak. Solar Symphony is an Escondido solar power expert. Our experienced sales and installation crews can help Escondido property owners find the best solar power solution for their individual power needs. Whether you are looking to go entirely off the grid and replace your power utility bills or supplement your energy needs with clean, green solar power, Solar Symphony has the training, equipment and experience to serve you.

About 146,000 people live in the inland North San Diego County city of Escondido. Many residents of Escondido enjoy a rural lifestyle, with large residential lots that are perfect for growing avocados and other fruits and vegetables. Escondido’s inland location also is perfect for the efficient generation of solar energy.

Escondido sits far enough inland to be free from the coastal clouds that can limit solar power generation, but remains cool enough even during the warm summer months thanks to the coastal breezes to prevent it from getting too hot, which can also prevent the efficient creation of solar power. The wide open spaces that surround most of Escondido mean there are plenty of places to establish solar panels with direct sunlight.