Electrical Vehicles & Charging Stations

If you really want to get the greatest financial benefit from going solar buy an electric car!

Our customers who have gone solar and have also purchased an electric car are driving around on less than 2 cents per mile! Solar Symphony’s solar systems are such a good value that our customer’s average cost of electricity from solar is only 7 cents per kW-hr. Most electric cars get 3 to 4 miles per kW-hr; so 7 / 4 =  1.75 cents per mile! That’s $10 for 500 mile trip, can your car do that?

Solar Photovoltaic electric systems and electric cars are a powerful synergy. The average U.S. consumer drives approximately 12,500 miles per year. Which means you need about 3800 kW-hrs of electricity to power your car per year. If you want all of that power to come from solar (clean, renewable, cheap – 7 cents per kW-hr) then you’ll need about 2.5 kW of solar array just for the car. Keep that in mind when you’re planning your solar installation.

If you already have an electric car or are thinking about purchasing one.  We’ll install a car charging station for you at your home, business or both.

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