About Us


We have the good fortune of doing what we love.  From the CEO to the 1st year solar technician, everyone at Solar Symphony shares a passion for solar energy and distributed generation technologies. There are so many reasons to be excited about solar energy!! It is the solution to numerous problems in our world today. Solar energy is clean, abundant, distributed, renewable, and low cost.

Since electricity powers modern life, low cost solar power allows our customers to enjoy a higher quality of life at a lower cost.  Some of our customers have even achieved complete energy independence through solar and are driving their cars around on sun power.  That’s exciting!

The USA has some of the best solar resources on earth, so solar also holds the promise of allowing our nation to achieve energy independence as well. We also look forward to taking our passion for solar to other places in the World where the need for low cost, distributed power is much greater than it is in the United States.


Solar Symphony has installed more than 600 residential solar systems in Southern California.  That is over three million watts of DC power! Solar Symphony’s management has over 40 years of combined contracting experience on projects up to $160 million dollars in size.  Our CEO, Aaron Eriksson, is a second generation general contractor and was born and raised in San Diego. We have multiple personnel who are NABCEP certified, the solar industries most prestigious credential.

Solar Symphony Construction, Inc. holds the following licenses: B- General Building Contractor, C-10 Electrical Contractor, and C-46 Solar Contractor. All of our licenses are in good standing and we are fully bonded and insured. Every system we build is designed by a professional certified engineer and installed by expert solar installers to better than code standards.


Why the name Solar Symphony? Our name serves as a daily reminder to all of our people of the level of professionalism and excellence required in order for us to accomplish our mission and vision.  To be the most compelling value in solar energy, requires an extremely high quality product delivered with exceptional customer service.  To accomplish that our people have to be the best in the business, so we’ve taken the World’s great symphonies as our inspiration.  To play in a symphony requires almost flawless execution. And since there are only a few dozen professional symphonies in the World, to earn the opportunity of playing you simply have to be the best in the world at your craft. That’s our inspiration. That’s Solar Symphony!