Daily Archives : December 13, 2016

This Customer is Saving Money with Solar Panels in Laguna niguel, California


Solar Symphony recently completed another high quality solar panel installation at the Billings residence in Laguna Niguel, California. This is a 7.000 kW solar array with Q-cell 280 Watts Panels. SDG&E provided approval to turn on the system or permission to operate on Decembre 6th of this year.
That means the system is not only producing lots of solar power everyday but the family Billings is getting full retail credit for each kilowatt hour they produce! Going solar is about saving the planet but it is also about saving lots of money. You can be part of this too, join the money-saving club! Call us today and learn how to save money with solar panels and how to save money on solar panels. Also, if you’ve already had solar installed even if it wasn’t by Solar Symphony we’d love to hear about your experience, good and bad. As a solar community we can all learn from each other.
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