Daily Archives : November 28, 2016

He said, “I Want the Best Solar Panels Installed by the Best Solar Company in Lemon Grove, CA”


Solar Symphony recently completed another high quality solar energy system at the Santiago residence in Lemon Grove, California. This is a 8.120 kW solar system with Q-Cells 280 Watts solar panels. The attention to detail shown here, using only the highest quality components available make this one of the highest quality solar panel installations in Lemon Grove, CA.
In solar very high quality equipment, installed to better than “industry standards”, matters because solar panels when installed correctly last 30 years or even more. Every year that a solar system continues to function is literally thousands of dollars of additional electricity! It pays to get it done right. Give us a call to learn more about what to look for when going solar and what’s needed for a best in class solar install. Also don’t forget to leave us your comments, and tell us how your solar is doing.