Daily Archives : October 11, 2016

These Solar Panels, Installed in Escondido, California, Will Last Decades!


Solar Symphony only installs the highest quality solar panels. We use exclusively tier 1 manufacturers which are the top 2% of solar manufacturers, both in bankability and quality. Choosing the right solar power equipment is important but it is only half of the quality equation. The means and methods we use to install the solar system are equally important to the quality of the finished product. On this point it is more difficult for the consumer to know with confidence that they’re getting the best solar install.
There are, however, a few things to look for. First; Is the system designed by someone who is highly qualified? Solar Symphony’s designers have completed hundreds of solar designs.
Second: Are the actual solar technicians on the roof well trained? Solar Symphony uses Solar Energy International (SEI) to train our installers. SEI was founded in 1991 and is one of the oldest and most respected solar training organizations. Our Foremen have completed over 100 solar installs each. The last thing to look for when determining a quality installation is industry best practices. Many of our competitors will brag that they build to the current electrical code. The electrical code is a minimum standard! We build to better than code standards or industry best practices.
Call us today and we’ll build you a solar system that will last for decades!