Daily Archives : October 10, 2016

One Of The Best Solar Companies In Poway, California? You Decide!


Solar Symphony recently completed another high-quality solar system at the Abhay residence in Poway, California. This 6.095 kW solar array has Q-Cell 265 Watts solar panels. This is one of the best solar installations in Poway. What makes one solar install superior to another? Here are a few things to consider: The best solar installs use only the highest quality home solar equipment. Additionally, the best solar installers take their time and pay attention to the details using only the best installation practices, and not just building to code or “industry standard”. This matters probably more than you think, because solar panels when installed correctly last 30 years or even more. Every year that a solar system continues to function is literally thousands of dollars of additional electricity! It pays to get it done right.
The strength of the solar company’s business model also matters when trying to find the best solar company for your solar install. Why? because a solar company that doesn’t stay in business can’t service your warranty. Since solar systems last such a long time you’ll also need very long warranties and guarantees. Does the solar company you’re considering consistently offer a good value? Do they produce quality? Are their customers very satisfied maybe even “raving fans”? All these things point to a company that is succeeding today and will be in business for many years to come.

If you got all of that and a great price too, you probably had your solar installed by Solar Symphony. If not, we’d love to hear your story. Please don’t forget to comment, and take a look at our customer reviews for more information about Solar Symphony.